What is phpBB?

If you want your online forum to feel familiar to your visitors, then phpBB, which doesn’t involve any learning curve, will be the most reasonable option.

The phpBB bulletin board application has been in existence for a lot of years, powering plenty of online forums all over the World Wide Web. It is available for free and has an extremely active online community. There are a lot of addons and free skins available. And phpBB has an intuitive administrative section, both for the forum owner and for the common user, which makes it very easy to work with.

phpBB is a trademark of phpBB Limited and is not connected with Clarafaie Solutions.

phpBB–Optimized Cloud Hosting Services

At Clarafaie Solutions, you will find dependable Linux cloud hosting solutions that are optimized to keep your phpBB–powered discussion forum available online, no matter how many active users you’re having.

All phpBB–optimized cloud hosting packages that we, at Clarafaie Solutions, are offering will give you unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly traffic and unlimited MySQL database space allocations. This way, your online forum can grow unrestrictedly without you having to worry about surpassing any resource limits. To make your hosting life so much easier, all phpBB–optimized cloud hosting packages also offer a 99.9% server uptime guarantee and a 24/7/365 support service.

An Easy–to–Use Web Hosting Control Panel

With each of our phpBB–optimized cloud hosting packages, you’ll get Clarafaie Solutions’s custom–developed Control Panel. It’s among the fastest hosting Control Panels available on the web; it is built to work entirely in the cloud and it permits you to manage your domain names and your web sites from the same place.

Our Control Panel is also full of tools and bonuses, which will permit you to administer your website easier and to make it work better. You’ll have at your disposal a drag & drop File Manager, an all–encompassing Domain Names Manager, a Database Manager with which you can create database backups with one single click of the mouse, etc. You’ll be able to set up new web apps quickly using Clarafaie Solutions’s . And you can improve the loading speed of your web site drastically using any of Clarafaie Solutions’s Site Accelerator Programs.