Review the introduction video for Clarafaie Solutions’s dedicated hosting servers. They’re the quintessential web hosting service, an entire server that is used by you and you solely.

The dedicated hosting servers, offered by Clarafaie Solutions use powerful and dependable hardware elements. In this way you may enjoy a much more secure server, capable to maintain virtually any websites or apps. Our servers will give you a pick of Linux distributions – CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu to pick from at sign up. You can even go with your web hosting user interface – cPanel, DirectAdmin or the Control Panel. You will also have a full root access towards the dedicated server right away. All of Clarafaie Solutions’s dedicated servers may be found in the modern data center in USA and offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

With each and every dedicated server furthermore you will acquire completely free bonuses at exceeding $400 of value. You’re going to get 3 free of cost dedicated IP addresses, a $300–worth billing panel and then a $100 domain name reseller account.